BREAKING NEWS: Major Disney World Attraction Closing

With the massive expansion plans at Disney’s Hollywood Studios announced last year and construction on the new Star Wars and Toy Story lands beginning January 2016, there will be a lot going on and a lot of changes coming to the park. There have already been multiple attraction closures to make way for construction crews and we have been speculating that it was only a matter of time before Lights, Motors, Action: Extreme Stunt Show joined the list. Well, it’s official. Disney has announced that Lights, Motors, Action: Extreme Stunt Show will be closing. The final performance will be April 2, 2016.


Lights, Motors, Action: Extreme Stunt Show opened on May 5, 2005 and is based on a similar show at Disneyland Paris. The show gives guests and behind the scenes look at the business of movie making, specifically pulling off the dangerous stunts that look so incredible on screen. Primarily featuring car chases and stunts using over 40 automobiles, guest stars such as Herbie the Love Bug and Lightning McQueen have also made appearances.

While the show’s popularity has waned in recent years, losing an attraction with such a significant seating capacity (5,000 people per show) is likely to have an impact on wait times elsewhere in the park. Crowd levels have been high in Hollywood Studio lately with the opening of a variety of Star Wars themed attractions.


Lights Motos Action


7 Ways to have a Star Wars Day at Hollywood Studios

by Cindy N

The building excitement around the return of Star Wars to theaters has been palpable. Star Wars mania is back and bigger than ever. Fans of the original series have grown up and can’t wait to share their love and excitement of the saga with their kids and grandkids. George Lucas and Disney World have enjoyed a long relationship that has brought the magic of the Indiana Jones and Star Wars movies into the parks. In August of 2015 Disney announced news that fans were waiting for: Star Wars Land would be coming to Hollywood Studios! While construction will begin in 2016, fans don’t need to wait years to experience a Star Wars themed day. Whether you are a young padawan or master Jedi, here are seven ways to have a Star Wars Day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

1 – Jedi Training: Trails of the Temple, Next to Star Tours, Echo Lake

First up on the list is signing up your young padawan for Jedi Training. After a brief refurbishment, the very popular Jedi Training Academy is back with double the villains–so double the kids! Young Padawans will receive training on how to use the Force and wield light sabers. After a brief but thorough training in the Force, the young knights get a chance to use their skills and will face either Darth Vader or a new villain, the Seventh Sister (from the popular Disney XD series Star Wars Rebels). There is also an appearance by Darth Maul. With an all new stage and cast this will be sure to delight Star Wars fans from the age of 4-12. This is a very popular twenty-minute show. Sign ups occur on a first come first come basis. If you have a young Padawan, be sure to sign them up early at the Indiana Jones show location. Check your Times Guide for more information. You will be given a return time for your youngling to return for training!

Jedi Training Academy

2 – Star Wars: Path of the Jedi, ABC Sound Studio, Echo Lake

Head across the way towards the ABC Sound Studio to set the stage for a Star Wars day! This is must see for any Star Wars fan looking to get even more excited for Force Awakens (if that’s even possible). It’s also a perfect opportunity to introduce a new generation to the Star Wars movies or to get caught up on the story if you’re one of the 10 adults on the planet that didn’t see Episodes 1-6. You’ll see a ten-minute retelling of the Star Wars saga that includes a sneak peek at the future of the galaxy.

3 – Star Tours: The Adventure Continues, Echo Lake

Stroll on down towards Star Tours where you’ll experience an out of this world attraction. On December 15, 1989 the original Star Tours blasted off to Endor to the pleasure of Star Wars fans. In 2011, the power of the Force and Disney magic came together again to create the new Star Tours-The Adventure Continues. This newer edition features 3D technology, unique branching storylines and includes the expanded universe including the original trilogy of films and the prequels. Recently, the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens was also added to the story.

4 – Star Wars Shopping

As you exit Star Tours, you’ll enter Tatooine Traders, one of three specialty Star Wars stores at Hollywood Studios. You’ll discover action figures, apparel, gadgets, LEGO kits, books and more. The next shopping destination is the new Watto’s Grotto, located in the back of Streets of America. Inspired by the outpost of Mos Espa, Watto’s junkyard has been transformed into a must visit boutique. You’ll find a wide variety of gear, collectibles, apparel, fine art, housewares, toys and a lot of souvenirs revolving around the new film: Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Finally, don’t miss Launch Bay Cargo at Star Wars Launch Bay (#5). There is a wide selection of Star Wars merchandise, including original artwork. The most amazing merchandise are probably the replica costumes!

5 – Star Wars Launch Bay, Animation Courtyard

Star Wars Launch Bay is an exciting new attraction that will please Star Wars fans of all ages. First, you’ll be treated to a short film that celebrates the Star Wars saga. This film includes commentary from key Star Wars producers, directors, writers, crew and story tellers responsible for bringing the Star Wars galaxy to life. You’ll then be treated to an exhibit area that features props, models, costumes and artifacts from Star Wars films. Also be on the lookout for a gaming area where you can play the popular Disney Infinity video game, which features an exclusive Toy Box built just for Star Wars Launch Bay. Before you leave make sure you get your cameras ready as this is one of our top recommended locations for photo opportunities! There is so much to see and do in this great new experience-read what you need to know here!

Launch Bay

6 – Star Wars Snapshots: May the Photos Be with You

There are many photo opportunities you’ll want to take advantage of. Here are 5 different place

  • AT-AT Walker, Outside of Star Tours: The Adventures Continue -Get your picture under a massive AT-AT walker which looms over an Ewok village.
  • Speeder Bike, Outside of Tatooine Traders – A must for our family for years. We love getting our kids on this speeder and see how they’ve grown!
  • T-47 Airspeeder, Outside of Watto’s Grotto – The T-48 Airspeeder is parked outside of Watto’s Grotto. Don’t miss a chance to get a picture with a vital vehicle for the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War.
  • Cantina, Star Wars Launch Bay – Be sure to visit the area reminiscent of the famous Mos Eisley Cantina! Sit at a Sabacc table or stand at the bar and clutch your favorite-a glass of blue bantha milk! This fun area is full of photo opportunities.
  • Star Wars Characters, Star Wars Launch Bay – You won’t want to miss the opportunity to meet fan favorites Chewbacca and Darth Vader! Each character has his own meeting area. Also, you may run into a Jawa at the Cantina!

Launch Bay Cantina

7 – Symphony in the Stars: A Galactic Spectacular

Finally, you’ll end your amazing Star Wars day with the new Symphony in the Stars: A Galactic Spectacular. The sounds of John Williams amazing score will fill the air to the sights and sounds of an incredible firework display. New music from Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be included. If you want a close up view of the fireworks show along with some desserts, then you might be interested in the Dessert Party. Price is $69 per adult and $39 for children. This show is scheduled to be at park closing so the times will vary. It will not interfere with Fantasmic. Check the Times Guide for up to date information and times.

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Husband, father and lover of all things Disney. Like every kid, I loved Disney and the couple trips I took to Disney World in my early years are good memories. But my obsession began in 2004 when we made our first family visit. It's hard to believe that we almost cancelled the trip because it seemed like a lot of work with 3 very little kids. We were hooked by the end of the first day. By day 3 we were planning our next trip back. By day 5 we were doing the math on DVC. And by the end of the vacation everyone was crying the blues that we had to leave. Since then, Disney World has become our favorite vacation destination, a hobby and now a home. We love the detail of the story telling and the memories of time spent with friends and family.
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