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Husband, father and lover of all things Disney. Like every kid, I loved Disney and the couple trips I took to Disney World in my early years are good memories. But my obsession began in 2004 when we made our first family visit. It's hard to believe that we almost cancelled the trip because it seemed like a lot of work with 3 very little kids. We were hooked by the end of the first day. By day 3 we were planning our next trip back. By day 5 we were doing the math on DVC. And by the end of the vacation everyone was crying the blues that we had to leave. Since then, Disney World has become our favorite vacation destination, a hobby and now a home. We love the detail of the story telling and the memories of time spent with friends and family.

Is the Disney Dining Plan Worth It?

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Is the Disney Dining Plan worth it? Over the years this is probably the number one question we’ve received regarding Walt Disney World vacation planning. I wish the answer were a simple yes or no. However, the issue is complicated, ...

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