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Sad News: Longtime Disney Exclusive Discontinued at Disney Parks

Disney Dollars, an excellent alternative to gift cards, are set to be discontinued at both Disney Parks. According to WDWNewsToday, May 14th is the last day Disney Dollars will be offered at Walt Disney World and Disneyland.


Disney Dollars worked just like cash and were essentially gift certificates that could be spent towards many different items at Walt Disney World or Disneyland. These could be redeemed at various locations on property. They also made great souvenirs as people would collect the different prints over the years. I remember using Disney Dollars in our first trips to Disney World. Our kids loved receiving them at Christmas and Birthdays.

Quoting WDWNewsToday, “Disney announced today that they will cease all sales of the bills on Saturday. Of course, all existing Disney Dollars will continue to be accepted at Disney locations as they do not expire.

Disney is citing the increasing use of gift cards and “digital currency” for the stop in sales and production of Disney Dollars.”

If you have the opportunity to purchase them before May 14, Disney Dollars can be purchased at any Guest Relations.


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by Caitlin Corsello

Guests who visit Walt Disney World for a vacation are sure to leave with wonderful memories which will last a lifetime. In addition to making memories and taking lots of pictures, guests are always on the lookout for items to help them remember their amazing Disney vacations. Luckily, Walt Disney World is full of countless shopping locations which sell unique and interesting items that are sure to appeal to all kinds of guests. No matter when a guest visits Walt Disney World, they are sure to be on the lookout for the perfect souvenir to bring home with them and are guaranteed to find the perfect item in one of the many stores throughout the four theme parks, two water parks, Disney Springs, and Disney Resorts. In fact, there are so many amazing items for sale in Walt Disney World that guests might have trouble choosing just one and return home with many souvenirs! Here are the best souvenirs for Walt Disney World fans!


1 – Mickey Ears

The ultimate souvenir that guests can bring home from a Walt Disney World vacation are classic Mickey Ears. These special headpieces feature the iconic Mickey ears with the Mouseketeer logo on the front and guests’ names embroidered on the back. While the classic Mickey Ears are black, there are several other color options that guests can choose from including pink. In addition to the classic style Mickey Ears, Walt Disney World offers dozens of varieties of ears to choose from including ones that look like Chip and Dale, Figment, Buzz Lightyear, and even R2D2. With so many unique options to choose from, guests are sure to find the perfect Mickey Ears to rock during their vacations and bring home as a souvenir.

2 – Mugs

A great souvenir that Walt Disney World fans can use in their everyday lives at home is a coffee mug. Adding a touch of Disney magic to each cup of coffee at home, mugs that are sold in Walt Disney World can feature everything from characters and attractions to park logos and the year.

Coffee Mugs

3 – Clothing

The stores throughout Walt Disney World feature countless clothing options for guests of every age. Guests who are looking to purchase the perfect souvenir are sure to be able to find a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or pajamas featuring their favorite characters, attractions, artwork, or park logos to wear at home. In addition, children can purchase Disney Princess costumes or pirate costumes making their days at home magical thanks to their perfect souvenirs.


4 – Accessories

For guests who want more subtle souvenirs to wear in their everyday lives at home, Disney accessories are a great choice. Guests can purchase jewelry, watches, scarves, or socks to add a hint of Disney magic to their ensembles without being over the top. With unique accessory options that are only available in Walt Disney World, guests are sure to have plenty of options to choose from when searching for an item to bring home.

5 – iPhone Cases

For technology fans, Walt Disney World sells many different iPhone case options in the shops throughout the parks, Disney Springs, and Disney Resorts. Guests can purchase cases that work on several different models of phones and feature everything from Disney Princesses and characters to attractions and special event logos. No matter what personality a person has, they are sure to find the perfect iPhone case to bring home as a souvenir from their memorable Walt Disney World vacation.

Disney iPhone Cases

6 – Parks CDs

There is perhaps no better way to keep the magic of a Disney vacation alive at home than by listening to music from the parks. Many stores throughout Walt Disney World sell CDs which are packed with select music from the parks and music from special events like parades and fireworks. Guests who are looking to relive some of the magic of their Disney vacation should definitely think about purchasing a Disney Parks CD in order to enjoy some of the memories once home.

7 – Books

In addition to Disney Parks CDs, guests can also choose from many different options of books which are sold in the stores of Walt Disney World. These books range in topic from Hidden Mickey guides to in depth looks at the Disney Parks and offer unique ways for guests to learn more about their favorite vacation destination after returning home.

Splash Mountain Pressed Pennies

8 – Pressed Pennies

Guests who are looking for the perfect souvenir to bring home from Walt Disney World while maintaining a budget should consider collecting pressed pennies. There are many pressed penny machines found throughout the theme parks and Disney Resorts which only cost fifty one cents. Each machine features several design options to choose from that coincide with the area that the machine is located in. For example, guests who find a pressed penny machine in Frontierland might find a design featuring Mickey dressed as Davy Crockett. Pressed pennies make for a fantastic way to bring home a collection as a souvenir without breaking the bank in Walt Disney World!


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