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10 Best Places in the Parks to Watch Walt Disney World Fireworks

When it comes to fireworks displays, none can compare to the incredibly designed Disney spectaculars. The fact that they can produce nightly displays that leave guests in awe is mind-boggling, given the amount of work that needs to go into preparing each and every night. For many guests, it’s imperative that they find the best possible locations to watch the fireworks in order to get the full effect. Prime viewing locations do tend to fill up quickly, so it’s advisable to stake out your spot early. To give you a few options, here are 10 of the best places to watch the fireworks at Walt Disney World.


Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular at Hollywood Studios 

10 – Echo Lake

While it’s not the most popular spot to view fireworks at Hollywood Studios, Echo Lake is a little less busy, giving guests that little bit of breathing room that can make all the difference in the world. When it comes to watching fireworks, no one wants to feel crammed into a tight space where they can’t move. Echo Lake gives guests that space to relax and enjoy the show. Be aware, though, that you will miss the projections on the theater, which tell a big part of the story of the show.

9 – Hollywood Boulevard 

For the perfect head-on view of the fireworks, Hollywood Boulevard provides a great vantage point. To get a little more specific, the center of Hollywood Boulevard is where you want to be, giving you the full range of fireworks overhead, without being too far back. While it’s a little more crowded, staking out a spot is well rewarded with the magnificent display filling your field of view.

Credit: Disney/David Roark

Epcot Forever at Epcot

8 – Italy Pavilion

While it can sometimes be used for private dessert parties, if it happens to be free, the Italy Pavilion provides a beautiful view across the World Showcase Lagoon. Standing close to the waterfront, the fireworks soar high above the gondolas in front of you, giving you a wonderfully themed view.

7 – Canada/Mexico Pavilions 

On either side of the Port of Entry, the Canada and Mexico Pavilions provide great vantage points for the spectacular. In Canada, the path around the World Showcase is a little bit wider, allowing for more spots to view, although the space does fill up early. In Mexico, a tricky spot to pull off is by making a late reservation at La Hacienda de San Angel or dining late at La Cantina de San Angel. Both provide access to seating in prime viewing locations, though the timing can be difficult to pull off.

6 – Mitsukoshi Department Store 

In the Japan Pavilion, the 2-story Mitsukoshi Department Store makes for a perfect view above the heads of guests. On the 2nd story balcony around the outside of the store, guests who are early enough can scope out a great spot, providing one of the more unique views of Epcot Forever. While it’s another difficult one to get, it’s well worth your patience.

5 – FastPass+/Dessert Party 

While some Disney fans argue about how fair it is to section off the best viewing spots in the park, you can’t deny that the FastPass+ and Epcot Forever Sparkling Dessert Party viewing locations are easily the best seats in the house. On either side of the Port of Entry, these locations are a great choice for guests willing to splurge on a memorable experience. Whether dining on treats from around the world or using one of your 3 FastPass+ Selections, you will be in store for one of the best views in all of Walt Disney World.


Happily Ever After Nighttime Spectacular at the Magic Kingdom

4 – Happily Ever After Fireworks Dessert Party

As another paid dining experience, the Happily Ever After Fireworks Dessert Party takes place at the Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant. With all-you-care-to-enjoy goodies and beverages, guests don’t have to feel cramped as they have plenty of space to sit if they’d like or stand by the rails as the fireworks erupt over the castle.

3 – Resorts 

If the crowds are too much for you, watching Happily Ever After from one of the neighboring resorts can be the perfect solution. The beaches at the Polynesian Resort give a spectacular view of the fireworks from the comfort of the sand, with a less crowded area and a much more relaxed atmosphere. The Seven Seas Lagoon also provides a beautiful reflection of the fireworks overhead, making them shimmer off the surface of the water. From a different perspective, the Contemporary Resort offers a view 15-stories in the air through the California Grill Restaurant. Inside the restaurant, in the lounge, or on the observation deck, you can’t beat the birds-eye view of the spectacular below. At both resorts, the lights are dimmed, and the music is piped in so that you get the full effect of Wishes, even though you are outside the parks. Another great spot is the beach at Fort Wilderness Campground and Resort. Be aware, though, that the projections on Cinderella Castle are a major part of the story, so you while you’ll be able to enjoy the fireworks, you will miss a major part of the show.

2 – Main Street U.S.A.

Main Street is an iconic location in and of itself, so to combine that with the view of Cinderella Castle on the horizon and you have a prime viewing location for Happily Ever After. While certain walkways need to remain open for guests, if you can find yourself a good spot, you’re in for a treat as the lights dim outside the shops, and the anticipation fills the air. A challenging spot to snag can be the Main Street Station for the Walt Disney World Railroad, where you get to be 2 stories in the air, overlooking the other guests and a perfect view of both Main Street and the fireworks over the castle.

1 – Cinderella Castle Courtyards 

The Hub in front of Cinderella Castle is really one of the best locations to see fireworks in all of Walt Disney World. In general, guests begin finding spots hours before the fireworks show. This does tend to be one of the busiest and most crowded locations, but for your effort, you are rewarded with the most spectacular view of the nighttime spectacular. If you are looking for a perfect spot, head to the fenced-in courtyards within the hub, where you can stand at one of the railings, ensuring you have at least a couple feet of space in front of you.

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