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10 Disney World Resort Amenities We Love!

Most of us appreciate all the amenities provided by Walt Disney World Resorts, but deciding which ones we love best may prove difficult. In addition, the amenities vary at each hotel, ranging from the basic services found at value resorts to the jam-packed benefits offered at deluxe resorts. Nevertheless, the universal amenities that we all love make up this top ten list.


10 – Magical Transportation

Every resort provides complimentary transportation to and from the theme parks, the water parks, and Disney Springs. Depending upon which resort you choose, you may end up riding the monorail, climbing aboard a ferry boat, hop on a bus, or take a ride on the amazing Disney Skyliner. Free transportation takes the pressure off parents tasked with hauling their kids all over the Disney property and removes the worry of driving after a few drinks at Epcot’s World Showcase…or anywhere else. Also, Disney’s transportation system supplies roundtrip service from the airport aboard their Magic Express, which helps you avoid undesirable delays.

9 – Merchandise Delivery and Pickup

If you don’t want to lug around your child’s plush toy collection or the R2D2 replica you purchased, then you’ll love the merchandise delivery service for Walt Disney World Resort guests. Inform the cashier about your wishes to have your purchase shipped to your resort, fill out the paperwork, and with a Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo, the merchandise shows up the next day at your resort’s local gift shop. No, the magic isn’t instant, but it does help you to enjoy hands-free, theme-park fun. The service is complimentary, so don’t worry about forking over more cash for a delivery fee.

8 – Childcare Services

While we love spending time with our families at Walt Disney World, adults may desire a few hours to ourselves. Rather than drawing straws to see who must watch everyone’s children while the adults head out for some entertainment, you can rely on Disney childcare services. Though they cost a little extra, you can hire one of Disney’s in-room babysitters that will buy you some free time. Childcare specialists are carefully vetted and pricing varies depending on the number of children being cared for.

7 – Rapid Refill Mugs

Naturally, visiting the resorts and theme parks at Walt Disney World means that you’ll experience theme park prices. Fountain drinks at quick-service locations will cost you over three dollars for a single fill-up. With thirsty children baking in the midday sun, you’ll likely need to make several trips to a drink vendor. Rapid Refill Mugs are a great way to save money when they’re used regularly.  Their prices vary based on the length of your stay, but if you purchase a dining plan, they’re complimentary. You can refill them as often as you want at any resort hotel, but unfortunately, you can’t fill them in the theme parks. Some guests refill the mugs at their resort and then carry them into the parks. Later, they may use the mugs to split refreshments they purchase or refill them at water fountains. When the vacation is over, the whole family has a set of souvenir cups to take home and enjoy!

6 – Movies Under the Stars

After a long, hard day at the theme parks, you can relax with the family to watch a Disney movie at your resort. Even better than catching a flick on your room’s flat-screen television is viewing it on the big screen outdoors. Imagine seeing your favorite movies while lying on the beach, floating in the pool, or reclining on your chair with the nearby woodlands serenading you. No matter which Disney Resort you choose, you’ll love the daily movie screenings under the stars, so take one evening to try it out.


5 – Theming

Though the magical themes aren’t listed as amenities for Walt Disney World Resorts, we come to think of them as such. Regular hotels can feel boring and uninteresting since they don’t really attempt to engage guests. They may provide great service and a place to sleep, but not an experience. Disney resort hotels and villas deliver more than just great service. They create a space where guests may enter the story, feel the magic, and leave the mundane world behind, resulting in a vacation experience that they cherish for years to come.

4 – Pools

Theme parks may draw the most visitors to Walt Disney World, but taking a day off from attractions and shows to enjoy your resort will not disappoint your family. The pools of Walt Disney World Resorts are nothing short of phenomenal.  These expansive pools feature waterfalls, slides, children play areas, hot tubs, lazy rivers, and more. Additionally, Disney Imagineers designed resort pools to delight the senses with excellent themes and artistic accents. Also, the technicians keep the pool clean and maintain a comfortable water temperature no matter what time of year you visit.

Yacht & Beach Club Pool-2

Pool at the Yacht & Beach Club

3 – MagicBands

One of the best improvements to operations at Walt Disney World Resorts over the past few years concerns MagicBands. Guests may wear a wristband to access almost everything at Walt Disney World. The MagicBand replaces your room key, your park tickets, your Fastpass+ service, your PhotoPass, and even your credit card, if you so choose. The convenience of MagicBands cannot be understated since they simplify your vacation and make it more enjoyable. Also, artistic guests can customize their MagicBands by color, buy personalized bands in Tomorrowland, or create homemade decorations.

2 – Electrical Water Pageant

Full disclosure: not all resorts can enjoy this amenity. Only those located along the Seven Seas Lagoon can witness the stunning view of the Electrical Water Pageant. Lit in resplendent colors, a parade of sea creatures cruise across the water to the melody of happy, electronic tunes. The vivid displays shimmer upon the rippling lake as the parade sails by your resort, creating photo opportunities that you’ll love. If you’re not staying at a resort on the lagoon, you can always visit one of them using the Walt Disney World transportation system or wait outside the gates of Magic Kingdom to watch the spectacle.

1 – Extra Magic Hours

While facing lines that stretch on for miles and enduring the sweltering heat, we relish the thought of returning after closing time to experience our favorite attractions. While getting exclusive access to the parks may be out of our reach, we can still take advantage of Extra Magic Hours when staying at a Walt Disney World Resort. Basically, the theme parks schedule time before or after regular operating hours to allow resort guests to enjoy the theme parks without the usual crowds. Since non-resort guests can’t enter the park or ride the attractions, lines quickly shorten, and Mickey suddenly has more time for snapshots.

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