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Top 12 Q & A About Walt Disney World Attractions

Attractions at Walt Disney World are practically the main reason for venturing into each of the 4 major theme parks.  If you have questions about navigating the attractions, then you have definitely come to the right place.  Here is our top Q & A about Walt Disney World theme park attractions:


12 – Do I HAVE to have a FastPass+ in order to ride or see a show?

No, FastPass+ isn’t required in order to enjoy the attraction.  The service actually helps to minimize the wait times that guests experience.  You can start out by booking 3 FastPass+ selections per day with valid theme park admission.  They are able to be booked 60 days in advance for resort guests and 30 days in advance for guests staying off property.

11 – What do I do if I am in a wheel chair?

Many of the attractions at Walt Disney World can accommodate wheel chair guests, especially if they are able to transfer.  There are special queues and ramps to ensure that wheel chairs can get to the loading portion of the attraction.

10 – How do I book FastPass+ for an attraction?

In order to book them in advance, you do this via your My Disney Experience account.  You need to ensure that you link your valid theme park admission in order to book them.  On the day that you are visiting the park you can visit a FastPass+ kiosk and scan your park ticket in order to make selection and add them to the admission.

9 – Are there attractions that we will get wet on?

Yes.  You can pretty much assume that if there is water on the attraction that there is a possibility for you to get wet.  Kali River Rapids and Splash Mountain almost always get guest wet!

8 – Are there rides that babies and small children can ride?

Absolutely.  There are actually a ton of different attractions at each of the four major theme parks that are perfectly suitable for babies of all ages as well as smaller children.  There are height requirements posted for each attraction, if there are no height requirements listed then anyone is able to ride.

7 – How strict are the height requirements?

The height requirements are very strict.  Cast members will measure all guests that they feel may not meet the height requirements for the attraction.  You shouldn’t try to sneak through if your kiddo isn’t tall enough since these height requirements are in place to ensure their safety.  You wouldn’t want to risk their safety in order to ride an attraction.


6 – Can children ride attractions alone?

Children that are under the age of 7 are not allowed to ride any attraction alone.  If there is a child under 7, there must be someone that is 14 years of age or older in the party accompanying the child in order for them to ride.

5 – What is Rider Switch and how does it work?

Rider Switch is a feature of Disney attractions that allow guests with small children to trade off so that they don’t have to wait in the stand-by line twice.  The first group of the party waits in the stand-by line and then they get passes for the other members of the party to ride by entering through the FastPass+ line.  It can be great if you don’t have FastPass+ to use for a particular attraction.

4 – When do attractions close?

Different attractions have differing times.  Many of the attractions stay open until park close.  That means that as long as you get in line before the park closing time, then you will be able to ride.  Disney won’t turn away anyone that is already in line unless the ride should break down.

Festival of the Lion King

3 – What if I get there just after a show starts?

If you don’t arrive prior to start time for a show, then you could still get in to see the show.  Many of the shows allow late seating with a section of the theater reserved for those guests.  It is always a good idea to arrive prior to show time, but if you are late don’t necessarily let that turn you away.

2 – Are all attractions open during Extra Magic Hours?

No.  There is only a subset of attractions that are open during Extra Magic Hours.  The attractions that are open are typically selected based on popularity in order to provide value to resort guests.  You can confirm with attractions are open at each park during Extra Magic Hours.

1 – Should I take the ride precautions seriously?

Yes! If the ride mentions concern for pre-existing conditions like pregnancy or heart problems, then you should definitely take those precautions seriously.  These are to ensure your safety from the impacts of riding some of the attractions.  These warnings aren’t to be taken lightly or dismissed.

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