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Top 10 Quiet Spots In the Disney World Parks

With so many exciting things to experience in Walt Disney World, it’s easy to get caught up in the magic surrounding you. It takes a lot of energy to explore the parks to their full potential, especially during the hot summer days. If you plan to experience the parks from opening to closing, you’ll likely have to have some downtime between the thrill rides and attractions. Since not many guests would like to leave the park to find rest, we have put together a list of the top ten quiet spots in the parks for you to catch your breath, while still enjoying the wonders of Disney.


10 – Maharajah Jungle Trek

Over in Animal Kingdom, the Maharajah Jungle Trek is a great way to experience some of the incredible animals of Southeast Asia at your own pace. Underneath the canopy of the trees, each habitat that you encounter allows you to stop and take pictures, giving you lots to see and explore. Along the way, you’ll see lots of animals like Asian tigers, Elds deer, Rodrigues fruit bats, and over 50 species of birds.

9 – Swiss Family Treehouse

In the Magic Kingdom, the Swiss Family Treehouse is one of the original attractions that opened in 1971. It’s rarely busy, which means that you can move at your own speed as you climb the stairs up to the top to take a look around. Even though it’s 116 stairs up and down, it definitely won’t tire you out and instead allows you to take in this nostalgic attraction while experiencing the ultimate treehouse.


8 – Morocco Pavilion

By the time you’ve reached the Morocco Pavilion in Epcot, you are well on your way through the 1.2-mile walk around the World Showcase. Morocco is a great place not only to take a break, but take in the beautiful hidden gems throughout the pavilion. The incredible mosaics flow around the buildings and fountains while the shade of citrus trees, olive trees, and date palms help to give you respite from the journey. Grab some baklava from the Tangierine Café and take a seat at one of the outdoor tables. Because the tables are situated further back in the pavilion, they are the perfect quiet spot to take a break.

7 – Walt Disney Presents

When it comes to the life and history of Walt Disney, Walt Disney Presents (formerly One Man’s Dream) is the perfect way for guests to get acquainted with the iconic Disney founder. Initially opened in 2001 the attraction was created for the 100 years of magic celebration. While it was never meant to be a permanent fixture, years later it remains one of the best insights into the life of Walt Disney and the development of everything from Mickey Mouse to the parks. As a self-guided tour followed by a 15-minute video, it’s perfect for a quiet stroll with lots to see and learn.

6 – Discovery Island Trails

Under the canopy of the Tree of Life, the Discovery Island Trails are ready for exploration and full of unique animals to see. Along the path, you can encounter storks and cranes, otters, porcupines, flamingos, lemurs, and even kangaroos. As you get closer to the Tree of Life, you get a much more detailed look at the incredible animal carvings in the trunk of the tree. Take your time and enjoy this wonderfully serene place.

Discovery Island Trail

5 – Tom Sawyer Island

For the perfect escape in the Magic Kingdom, make your way over to Tom Sawyer Island aboard a log raft. This island is quiet and feels secluded as you journey along the pathways through the old mills and Fort Langhorn. The caves on the island are also great to explore and heading underground will keep you fresh as well. Even taking one trip around the island will help you relax since you feel like you’ve left the park for a wilderness adventure

4 – Living with the Land

In the Land Pavilion, while most guests venture their way to Soarin’, Living with the Land is an incredibly gentle ride through the Disney greenhouses. It’s the perfect opportunity to gain some insight into the research and growing techniques that Disney utilizes to grow food that is prepared in restaurants in the park. Living with the Land is a great way to recharge all while taking in the tomato vines, 9-pound lemons, and some hidden Mickeys along the way.

3 – Liberty Square Riverboat

Floating along the Rivers of America in the Magic Kingdom, the Liberty Square Riverboat is a wonderfully quiet attraction that lets you relax and explore the neighboring scenery. Aboard the Liberty Belle, you’ll circle Tom Sawyer Island and see things like an idyllic Native American village, an early American Settlement, as well as Fort Langhorn. The Liberty Belle also gives you an alternative view of Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and the Haunted Mansion.

2 – Canadian Gardens

As you venture further from the path into the heart of the Canadian Pavilion at Epcot, most guests are surprised to discover the gardens and the waterfall. The gardens are inspired by the Butchart Gardens near Victoria, British Columbia, and are the most extensive gardens in all of the national pavilions. Bright colors and a quaint and calming pathway make for a relaxing experience that seems quite removed from the busyness of the World Showcase.

Gardens in Canada

1 – Tomorrowland Terrace

Quiet spots in the Magic Kingdom are hard to come by. One such place is the Tomorrowland Terrace. The seasonal quick service dining location is off the beaten path between Mainstreet USA, and Tomorrowland is rarely open. This particular quiet spot is the perfect place to take a quick break for a variety of reasons. The outdoor seating area is covered, offering a nice cool spot to get some relief from the sun. There is also a beautiful view of Cinderella Castle and the hub. Finally, there’s an almost unknown restroom tucked away in the back that nobody uses.

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