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7 Reasons We Love Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood Studios at Disney World

When you walk through the entrance to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you’ll be greeted by Hollywood Boulevard, reminiscent of the golden age of Hollywood. Beyond that, you have a decision to make as to where in the park you’d like to head. You can head left towards Echo Lake, straight ahead you can see the Chinese theater, but as you look to the right, Sunset Boulevard immediately draws your attention. Full of glitz, glamour, and thrills, there are many things to love as you walk around. As a tribute, here are seven reasons we love Sunset Boulevard at Hollywood Studios.


7 – Hollywood Scoops

Editor’s Note: Disney Dining Plans are temporarily suspended. However, Disney has confirmed that they will return for vacation packages beginning January 9, 2024. Those packages will go on sale on May 31, 2023.

In the midst of the hot summer days, there’s no better way to cool down than with some ice cream from Hollywood Scoops. With prices between $5 – $8, you can use your Disney Dining Plan snack credits for this wonderful snack. The menu includes a standard ice cream cone or cup but also features an old-fashioned sundae with hot fudge and a brownie sundae.

Hollywood Scoops

6 – Shopping

Each of the stores in Hollywood Studios looks like you’re about to walk into a high-end boutique store, and the shops along Sunset Boulevard are no exception. Beverly Sunset Boutique has a show-stopping selection of Pixar merchandise and pre-packaged, tasty treats. Trade pins at the Sunset Ranch Pins and Souvenirs, or pick up the perfect clothing item at Once Upon a Time. Finish it off with Legends of Hollywood, which features tons of apparel, toys, gifts, and games to add to your collections.


5 – Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage

Marking the first time that a film and live show have premiered on the same day, Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage opened in 1991 and is still running strong. Inside the 1500-seat theatre, an abridged version of the story unfolds for audiences, with memorable songs and characters dazzling the crowd. With incredible theatrical effects, you can’t help but get drawn into this classic Disney story.

4 – Fairfax Fare

Continuing with a food theme, Fairfax Fare is full of delicious food and plenty of seating for the whole family. The menu has been pared down a bit, but you’ll find four different Hot Dogs to choose from and a plant-based one. Side options include parmesan chips or pickled vegetables. For dessert, be sure to try the Toffee and Toasted Coconut Blondie with Salted Caramel Buttercream.

3 – Rock ‘N Roller Coaster

As VIP guests of Aerosmith, you are heading from the recording studio to their concert in the luxury style of a super-stretch limousine. This coaster accelerates to 60 mph in mere seconds as you head directly into the first of three inversions (the only inversion coaster at Walt Disney World). Zooming past glowing road signs and even through the famous Hollywood sign, the coaster is accompanied by an Aerosmith soundtrack perfectly timed to the ride, making it an incredibly immersive experience.

2 – Fantasmic

For a fun story with tons of characters, water projections, and fireworks, Fantasmic is the show you’re looking for. Taking place inside Mickey’s dreams, we follow our favorite mouse as he journeys through stories and battles with villains along the way.  This 30-minute show is a must-do in Hollywood Studios since it features many classic Disney music performed by over 50 characters. With pyrotechnics, enormous puppets, laser lights, and projections all taking place on the mountainside, surrounded by 1 million gallons of water, it’s hard to top this nighttime extravaganza.

Disney characters join together to celebrate the triumph of good over evil. Credit: Disney/Matt Stroshane.

1 – Tower of Terror

The Hollywood Tower Hotel was in its prime in 1939 when a mysterious incident forced it to close.  Today, guests can see the hotel dominate the view as they look down Sunset Boulevard. Inside, you are welcomed by Rod Sterling to embark on a journey to the Twilight Zone. This is one the best examples of Disney storytelling, as the visual effects on the ride help to immerse you in the spooky atmosphere, all while making it an incredibly fun experience.

Riding the service elevator, you make your way up to the 13th floor before traveling forward through a series of sights and sounds from the opening of the Twilight Zone. Once through, you plummet downwards and launch upwards in a randomly generated sequence, so no two rides are the same. It is easily one of the most exciting attractions on Disney Property.

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