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10 Must Do Night Experiences at Magic Kingdom

When the sun goes down Magic Kingdom takes on a different ambiance than it has during the day. Everything seems to glow as it is lit up for the evening. It’s as if Tinker Bell sprinkles extra pixie dust over the kingdom at night, making everything feel just a little bit different. Here are just ten of the must-do night experiences at Magic Kingdom.


10 – Stroll Along Main Street

Main Street U.S.A is charming and full of whimsy at any time of the day, but it takes on a whole different level of beauty at night. Set aside some time, either after the nighttime entertainment or before the crowds start settling in for Wishes, to stroll along Main Street and take in how lovely it is at night. The best way to enjoy a pleasant wander down Main Street is to stop at The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor or the Confectionary and indulge in something sweet and delicious to enjoy while you walk. This is certainly a ‘stop and smell the roses’ type of nighttime experience that must be had at Magic Kingdom.

9 – Prince Charming Regal Carrousel 

The carrousel is a classic attraction, but also one that many barely give a second glance or thought. The time to give this attraction a little of your time is when the sun has set, and the carrousel glows. It seems to take on a new life at night, and it can be quite a relaxing ride, especially at the end of a hot Florida day. It also offers a unique perspective of Fantasyland and the castle as you take a spin on the carrousel.

8 – Jungle Cruise

The Jungle Cruise is a must-do nighttime experience at Magic Kingdom. The experience of riding it in the day versus riding it in the night is well, just that, like night and day. In the evening, a single headlight on the boat will light up the attraction as your Skipper takes you through the jungle and along the different rivers. This simple way of lighting the attraction gives the adventure a whole new feeling, it’s almost eerie at times! The Skippers sometimes toss in a few different (and sometimes less kid-friendly) puns, especially if you’re traveling with just adults.

7 – Splash Mountain 

Although most of this ride is inside, this is a must-do night experience at Magic Kingdom. Splash Mountain offers a spectacularly beautiful view of Magic Kingdom at night as your log flume slowly makes its way up the mountain. But perhaps the best view comes at that brief moment at the very top of the mountain before plunging into the briar patch below. Don’t close your eyes before heading down, but keep your eyes wide open and take in the beauty of Cinderella Castle at night from such a great vantage point.

Photo Credit: Disney Photo Snapper

6 – Liberty Belle

The Liberty Bell has limited hours, so even if you don’t get the chance to go for a ride in the evening, make a point of stopping by to have a look at it lit up at night. It’s absolutely beautiful to see it adorned in white lights that reflect off the water.

5 – Big Thunder Mountain 

Add Big Thunder to the list of attractions that are must-dos at night. There is so much to see along this wild ride that you will inevitably see new things at night when lit up with lights, and even a few things you can only see at night (hint: look in the windows!)


4 – The Parties

Magic Kingdom has some of the most festive and spectacular nighttime parties during the holidays. During late August, September, and October, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party takes over the evenings at Magic Kingdom. In November and December, there’s Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party to celebrate the Christmas holidays. There are parades, special fireworks, live shows with rarely seen characters, dance parties, special treats, and of course, the park is decorated lavishly for the season. And seeing it snow on Main Street during the Christmas party is truly a must-do.

3 – Disney Enchantment in the Hub

While any spot on Main Street U.S.A. will give you a view of the fireworks that paint the night sky above Cinderella Castle, it’s in the Hub, right in the center of all the excitement, that you can really feel all the magic and wonder surrounding you. It’s difficult not to get a little choked up, find a tear in your eye or get goosebumps as you stand among all the other Disney fans and experience some of the best fireworks you’ll ever see at the most magical place on earth. Words really can’t describe this feeling. The Hub also gives you the best view of the fantastic projections on Cinderella Castle. Watching Disney Enchantment with friends and family in the hub is one experience you should have at Magic Kingdom at least once. It will definitely be worth fighting the crowds for.

Credit: @disneyaddicts24

2 – The Peoplemover

The Peoplemover in Tomorrowland is an attraction that should be experienced both during the day and in the evening. The Peoplemover is a relaxing ride over Tomorrowland and through some of the attractions, like Space Mountain. There isn’t anything better than gliding above Tomorrowland, and gazing over at Cinderella Castle lit up against the night sky. It’s a great way to take in all the sights and sounds of the park at night.

1- The Kiss Goodnight

At least once, stick around ‘til the absolute last moments of the park being open. Don’t rush to the gates once Disney Enchantment ends, instead sit back and relax, grab a late-night snack, and enjoy Main Street and wait for the Kiss Goodnight. Once the park is officially closed, the castle will twinkle and be lit up in soft lights, When You Wish Upon a Star will start playing, a goodnight announcement will play over the speakers, and Mickey will say a final goodnight to all the guests. It is the perfect way to end the day at Magic Kingdom, and an absolute must-do nighttime experience.

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