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The Best Value Resorts at Disney World

If you’re looking to stay on Disney property, there are many options when it comes to choosing a resort. Among the three tiers, guests who would like a budget-friendly stay at Walt Disney World will likely find themselves at one of the Value resorts. These resorts are great for people who would like to spend most of their time at the parks while also having a fun-themed resort to relax at when the day is done. If you’re having trouble deciding, here are a few of the best value resorts.


3 – All-Star Movies

As the third resort in the All-Star trio, All-Star Movies is full of Disney characters and themes. From the small details in the main building (Cinema Hall) to the larger-than-life statues that greet guests at each one of the ten resort buildings, guests feel surrounded by Disney magic. Divided into five areas, All-Star Movies feature themes that include The Mighty Ducks, Herbie the Love Bug, Fantasia, 101 Dalmatians, and Toy Story. Throughout the resort, you can see statues of Woody, Buzz, Pongo & Perdita, the Sorcerer’s Hat, Broomstick, and more, towering up to 40 feet above you and immersing you in the feel of the movies.

The central pool has a Fantasia theme, with Sorcerer Mickey shooting jets of water from atop his perch. With movies under the stars happening within the pool area, going for an evening swim can be the perfect way to wind down at the end of your day. Inside Cinema Hall, the World Premiere Food Court feels like entering Hollywood with bright lights overhead and a marquee over each station, giving you a taste of glitz and glamour in the golden age of movies. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; each meal offers a different selection of dishes with everything from Mickey Waffles to Salmon or Carved Roast Turkey. Since All-Star Movies is on the less expensive side of the Value resorts, it’s a great option for guests who are looking to get the most bang for the buck when it comes to a Disney resort.


2 – Pop Century

From the 1950s to the 1990s, Pop Century is full of colorful pop culture references from the tail end of the 20th century. Oversized statues reflective of popular fads can be found scattered throughout the resort. Characters like Lady and the Tramp, Baloo and Mowgli, and Roger Rabbit are interspersed with items like a Rubik’s Cube, Play-Doh, a Big Wheel tricycle, Walkman, Jukebox, and even an oversized foosball table in front of a Mickey Mouse Telephone. The theming is fun and relaxed with just the right amount of nostalgia. At the center of it all lies Classic Hall, where you can find the walls covered in photos from the ’50s and ’60s.

The resort has three pools: the Bowling Pool, the Computer Pool, and the flagship Hippie Dippie Pool in between the 1960s-themed buildings. Each pool provides a great space to relax and cool off during the day while being surrounded by the resort’s theme. Sharing three pools amongst the guests also makes them feel less crowded during the day, so you have a little more room to maneuver.

Over at the Everything POP Shopping & Dining inside Classic Hall, there are a few stores to browse and purchase merchandise as well as a host of different dining stations, each offering a unique style of food, from Wine Butter Mussels to their signature flatbreads. Pop Century is also known for its incredible baking, with specialty cupcakes, Tie-dye Cheesecake, and the Everything Pop Sundae, which combines everyone’s favorite toppings into one delicious bout of ice cream bliss.

Pop Century Exterior

1 – Art of Animation

Art of Animation bridges the gap between value and moderate resorts. After walking through Animation Hall, the resort opens up to 4 areas with theming inspired by The Lion King, Cars, Finding Nemo, and The Little Mermaid. While most of the rooms available are suites meant to hold up to 6 people, standard rooms are still available in The Little Mermaid buildings. With character statues throughout the resort, you can’t help but get swept away in the details, the colors, and the magic that went into the design of the landscape.

The largest resort pool on Disney property lies the heart of the resort. The Big Blue Pool is just under 12,000 square feet, filled with 310,000 gallons of water, and has plenty of room for any guest who wishes to jump in and swim in the Finding Nemo setting.

Inside Animation Hall, the walls are filled with sketches of the characters from each movie. Each sketch carries the heart of the animator and shows a small insight into just how creative they can be. Animation Hall also hosts the Landscape of Flavors, the quick-service restaurant at the resort. Original landscape art fills the space with vibrant colors and makes for a great setting to relax and enjoy a meal. 5 stations offer a variety of choices from classic burgers and sandwiches to pizza and pasta, as well as exciting entrées like Butter Chicken, Pork Tortierre Pie, and Pierogies with Kielbasa Sausage.

Regardless of which Value Resort you choose, you’re sure to feel totally immersed in the wonderful atmosphere each one offers. You can’t really go wrong with any of them as they will become your home away from home as you visit the parks. Enjoy your stay!!

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