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TRAVEL LOG: Day 4 of Our Pixar Day at Sea Cruise on the Disney Fantasy

Day 4 of our Pixar Day at Sea Cruise was our first stop in port. After enjoying two and a half days at sea, we were eager to get off the ship and explore. Our stop today was Tortola, British Virgin Islands, where we enjoyed an excursion to The Baths National Park. Once back on the ship, we enjoyed Pirate Night and saw more fireworks at sea. Learn more below.


1 – Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Our first stop on our Eastern Caribbean cruise was Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Tortola is the most populated and largest of the British Virgin Islands. The island was beautiful. We were eager to explore because this was our first time visiting.


2 – Getting off the Ship

You’ll want to keep some things in mind when you get off the ship. First, you’ll need your Key to the World Card and a government-issued photo ID. The crew will scan your card when you get off the ship and when you return so, they know that everyone has returned. Second, you’ll need your photo ID when entering the ship docks. They will make sure you are the person on the card before letting you back to the dock area.

Tip: Chad and I highly recommend carrying your passport as your ID when in a foreign port town. If something were to happen and you missed the ship, a passport will allow you to fly home or to the next port of call. A driver’s license and a birth certificate do not qualify you for air travel outside the U.S. A bad situation can turn into a nightmare if you miss the ship or have an emergency and don’t have a passport. While it’s unlikely you will need a passport, having it with you in a foreign country is a good insurance policy. This is why we recommend all cruisers get a passport and not use birth certificates for travel.  

3 – Dumbo and Timothy

This was also our first chance to see the stern of the ship. The characters Dumbo and Timothy on the Disney Fantasy’s stern weigh in at more than 2,300 pounds. Dumbo is a little more than eight feet long from head to tail with an “ear span” of seven feet. Timothy sits 2’6” tall on Dumbo’s hat and holds a paintbrush about 3’10” long. Dumbo was sculpted from large foam blocks by Walt Disney Imagineering artists in Glendale, Calif. The sculpted pieces were then shipped to Florida, where Disney craftsmen and artists created them in fiberglass and paint over a frame of marine-grade stainless steel. The duo was installed in Papenburg, Germany.


4 – Excursion to The Baths National Park

We had a morning excursion to The Baths National Park. First, we took a (quite bumpy) ferry boat where we traveled through Sir Francis Drake Channel to Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda. We then took a short drive on an open-air bus through Spanish Town and then on to The Baths. The Baths National Park is a collection of beaches and rocky shorelines, including huge granite boulders and hidden caves. During our time, we spent a short amount of time at two beaches. Portions of the excursion took us on trails and boulders that required climbing down ladders and crouching in some very tight spaces. I’ll have a full review of the excursion up shortly but know that while the trail is rated as “moderate” because of the tight spots and slippery rock, families with your children might want to skip exploring the sea caves. Because our large group had many young children, we didn’t have as much time at the beaches to relax as we had hoped. However, the park itself is gorgeous and well worth a visit. We had a short time to get a snack and some water before returning for the return trip. Overall, we really enjoyed our time at The Baths, but there are some things I wish our tour operator would have done differently. I’ll cover that and more in our future review.

5 – Pirate Night

Pirate Night is one of the highlights for many on a Disney Cruise Line cruise. This special evening includes character meet and greets in pirate gear, two deck parties, and fireworks at sea. Many guests dress up to join in the fun. You’ll see a range of outfits, from full-on costumes to simple pirate-themed t-shirts. During the afternoon, you’ll find a bandana in your room for everyone in your party, so if you forgot to pack something, you could at least wear that. In the evening, children will enjoy pirate-themed activities in the Kid’s Clubs, such as crafts, games, scavenger hunts, and more.


6 – Mickey’s Pirates In the Caribbean Deck Party

At 7:30 pm, Mickey’s Pirates In the Caribbean Deck Party took place. This fun, family-friendly interactive show teaches guests how to become part of Mickey’s Crew. When Captain Hook and Mr. Smee show up to claim the ship, Mickey challenges Captain Hook. Because guests have been training, Mickey is pretty confident that he will win. The show is full of energy and a lot of fun. Kids will love it. It’s also a great way to see the characters in their pirate gear if you missed the character meet-and-greets.

Tip: As with all deck parties, we suggest arriving early to get a good viewing spot for the show. Even arriving 10-15 minutes early should give you a decent viewing location.


7 – Pirates in the Caribbean, Buccaneer Blast, and Club Pirate

Later in the evening, we enjoyed a short show, “Pirates in the Caribbean,” Captain Jack Sparrow makes an appearance looking for a new crew. The show is different than what we saw a few years ago on the Disney Dream and is more interactive, with guests singing pirate songs. A few guests are chosen to be on stage for some fun antics. The show leads right into fireworks at sea called Buccaneer Blast! These fireworks were an industry first and are classic Disney Cruise Line. These are a lot of fun, and you don’t want to miss them. After the fireworks, guests can stick around for Club Pirate, a high-energy dance party on the deck!


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Editor’s Note: Disney Cruise Line provided a complimentary Pixar Day at Sea Cruise with special media-specific events and tours during the cruise. However, as always, the thoughts and opinions about Disney Cruise Line in this article are entirely our own.

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